CPU upgrade Core2Duo system


Aug 3, 2015
as a 2nd PC I'm using Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E5720 which has Core2Duo E4600. I was wondering, what can I do regarding CPU upgrade? I would prefer fastest possible Core2Duo (older quads are power&heat hungry).


E8500 is the maximum CPU upgrade for that system (http://remarketing.ts.fujitsu.com/shop/images/datenblatt/ds_esprimo_e.pdf).

It might be possible to get a quad-core working on that particular board, but I suspect you'd be limited to a Core 2 Quad that a) has the same 65W TDP, b) has the same max FSB speed (1333 MT/s), & c) has the same voltage range (0.85-1.3625V) as the E8500. That would limit you to one of the "S" models, like the Q9400S or 9550S. And even then, there's no guarantee that the BIOS will accept a quad-core CPU.

Still, getting an E8500 to replace your current CPU wouldn't be too bad for a secondary CPU. It's about 32% faster in clock speeds, gives you a much faster FSB speed, & has triple the L2 cache.


You'll have to settle for a SATA SSD instead of an M.2 drive, but you should be fine -- that link in my prior post shows that board uses SATA II for both the stock HDD & the DVD drive. The only question is how many SATA ports you have. If you only have the 2, it won't be worth it to get an SSD (unless you want to convert the old HDD into an external one). If you have 3 or more, then I'd go for at least a 250GB unit (like the Samsung 850 EVO).

EDIT: Found a better link to the motherboard manual (http://support.ts.fujitsu.com/IndexDownload.asp?Softwareguid=3813A06A-E42D-4673-A079-AAF8F03B3153) -- noticed in the prior link that the E5720 uses Fujistu's D2594 motherboard.

The manual also supposedly links to a place where you can find the compatible CPUs, but it's not coming up for me (on break right now, blocked by a firewall at work), on page 16. Note it's in German & English.

I wouldn't use a SSD with XP. It wasn't designed for it. Even though most SSD's have background Garbage collection built in I still wouldn't recommended it. Maybe get a SSHD if you want some more speed.

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