Question CPU Upgrade on HP z600 System

Nov 9, 2020
Hey all!
Currently, I'm running a z600 workstation, which has 2x Xeon x5570s (4C/8T Each), 8GB 1333mhz DDR3 & a GTX 660. I am looking to upgrade the GPU to a GTX 1070 (plus extra ram), and got the power connector issue sorted. However, I am looking at replacing the CPUs, as I'm not sure the dual x5570s would keep up with the GPU. I have seen x5675 cpus that use the same socket, however, I have read there could be possible incompatabilities depending on which revision of the z600 is used. What CPU would be the best compatable one to upgrade to, keeping in mind rn I am using dual x5570s.
It depends on your boot block date. It seems the older 2009 date only supported 55xx while the newer 2010 supported 56xx:

Honestly, you're not gaining anything but threads moving to the x5675 so that's not really an upgrade for the gpu necessarily as it doesn't significantly add to the single thread speed:

Unfortunately, if you are limited to the x55xx series, the x5570 is the top and you're maxed out. With the x56xx, you could move to a couple of different processors, but you would need the bigger heatsinks as they would be 130w tdp vs 95w and the gains wouldn't be significant at all for the power difference:

Fun fact about the z600, it is strangely flexible in that you can actually install two different processors and it will still work. Someone on greenpcgamers did this. Speaking of which, greenpcgamers has some good upgrade guides for the v1 and v2 z600:

And one thing to note is that if you have a v2 with the 2010 bootblock you can use rdimms--which I have 6x 16GB installed for 96GB in mine. I believe even 32gb modules will work, but depending on the ranking limitations with such dense modules, I don't think you'll be able to exceed 128GB (32gb x4) and I haven't found anyone that's done it so far. I don't have 32gb modules yet so have yet to try it on mine. It is also important to note that the modules need to be RDIMMs not LRDIMMs which are more common for 32gb ddr3 ecc reg.