Question CPU usage dramatically higher than GPU ?

Feb 15, 2021
Hey so recently i noticed that my games were opening very slow and lower fps as well as spikes throughout my game. it was almost unplayable. so i decided to look into it and noticed that my cpu was hitting 100% and my gpu was nearly 0%. so i started to test other games which happen to be all on origin and they were all 90-100% cpu usage, 0-5% gpu. at that point i thought maybe its just origin games causing this? and part of me was right because my friend noticed that he was getting the same thing and we have the same specs. after realizing that, i almost gave up for a while because i figured theres nothing to do if its origin.

But then i tested other games from different platforms and realized that the same thing is happening but not as bad. rocket league i was getting 60%+ cpu and 30% gpu which im not sure is good or not, but then for minecraft both cpu and gpu were about even at around 30% ish. the first thing i did was just simply reset my pc entirely which ive been wanting to do for a while. that actually helped performance wise by stopping the spikes, low fps and long loading times but after looking at my percentages i saw that my cpu hasnt changed but my gpu is being used more. for my origin games, being battlefield(s), it went from 100% cpu 5% gpu to 100% cpu to 70-80% gpu. for games off origin, the percentages for gpu increased a little but not as much. also, forgot to mention that my idle percentages are perfectly fine and temps are fine too.

1070ti 8gb

i7 8700k



Sep 1, 2020
task manager
Depending on the game, sometimes the "3D" graph doesn't get triggered. If you click on the header and switch it to "Graphics" it'll show something. Though I'm not sure off the top of my head if Task Manager reports the highest thing in any of the possible graphs it can show, or just the four ones in the page.