Question CPU usage was at 100% and PC crashed. Can't boot into BIOS since.

Jul 3, 2021
Hi guys.

Yesterday I was doing a CPU intensive task (all cores were 99%) which consisted of generating cryptocurrency vanity addresses. My CPU was at 100% usage at around 60 degrees temperature for around 2 minutes, and then the PC crashed. The PC was still on, but everything went black. I powered the PC off by power (not the power button) to initiate a force shutdown (as holding the power button didn't work). When I booted my PC back up, I heard a sizzling sound from near the CPU and there is a red light next to "CPU" on the motherboard. I took my PC apart and took off my Z63 cooler to check my 5900X, and everything looks fine. The pins look perfect, the CPU slot looks fine and the cooler has no issues. A few users on Reddit suggested it could be a RAM issue and to test the RAM. However, if it was RAM, wouldn't "DRAM" be a red light rather than CPU?

Also, I tried to take out the CMOS battery twice to reset the BIOS. When I did this last night, and took the CMOS battery out for around 5 minutes, nothing really changed. My PC starts up but it's just pure black and it doesn't boot into BIOS or anything. My RAM also stays the same colour. Now correct me if I'm wrong but, wouldn't the RAM sticks change back to their default colour (rainbow style) after a BIOS reset as the colour settings for the RAM sticks would be stored in BIOS?

What does this issue sound like?

5900X @ 3.60 GHz overclock off
32GB Vengeance LP 4X8GB
MSI 1060 6GB (yeah, very big bottleneck with GPU. Still waiting on prices to lower and then I can upgrade as this is a new build, but the GPU is not the cause of this crash).
Corsair RM850



Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

It could very well be a motherboard issue. You might want to rule out the CPU being faulty or healthy by dropping it into a donor motherboard or taking it to your local computer shop, pairing it with a B550 or X570 chipset motherboard. Speaking of motherboard's, what is the make and model of your motherboard? You can do the same thing with your RAM as you will with your CPU.