Question Cpu workload temp issue?


Jun 8, 2017
I just upgraded my pc to keep up with rendering demands from work. And yesterday I did the first render with it.

Now I may have been overdoing it a bit, I was running AutoCAD while working on that and rendering a 3D model into a 4800 by 8500 pixel image. I had hardware monitor running to see how it was handling. Things were still running smoothly and I could only feel a bit of the load when doing a lot on AutoCAD. near the end I checked HWmonitor (for some reason I don't have a CPU temp in that tab? but the bios will tell me the CPU temp when I'm in that menu. I'm guessing that CPU temp is mobo temppin 2 or 3 I forget off the top of my head) the temp pin I thought to be the CPU had a max of 79 degrees while and the current was around 72. From what I understand this is starting to push it for temp. I'm using the stock wraith prism that came with my CPU.

Is there any damage that's going to happen from doing this? this render was about an hour long so not going for too long at that but a decent amount of time?

if so should i just mess with my fan curves? the fan didn't sound too bad during it and idk that my system fans started pushing much more air, or should I maybe mess with getting an AIO?

Thanks for the help in advance.