Question Cpu z reads single channel ram even though it is dual channel

Mar 25, 2019
I installed a dual channel ram. 4gb and 8gb ram. Cpu z reads 12gb but it displays Channel # single. In the SPD tab both of them show up in slot #1 and #2.


2 things.

Are they in the right slots, if you have 4 slots you'll have two pairs of dual channel, see what your mobo manual says about which slots to use if you only have 2 sticks.

With unbalanced sticks like that either it'll dual 4GB and 4GB (of 8) and leave 4GB (of 8) in single mode, or it'll do all of it as single. As CPU-Z can only report either single or dual, it can't report than some is single and some is dual, then it's difficult to say what's actually going on. However having mixed dual and single channel is not a great idea, windows randomises memory allocation for security reasons, so some memory access events will respond quicker than others.
4gb and 8gb ram

Memory is guaranteed in the form sold. Since memory is not sold in a (4gb and 8gb) kit, there are no guarantees as to how that combination will work if you manage to get the PC to boot up.

You are free to make any combinations you want and do your own compatibility testing with no guarantees.

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