Jul 16, 2012
I have a Asus CG5290 that has worked fine playing games like Team Fortress 2 and Crysis and every once in a while I would crash, but recently now I'm constantly crashing. I will say that it seems to be sound related and lowering settings has had no effect at all as it still happens. I have read that this model actually does not have a good enough power supply and I was wondering if that could be it. I will try to describe the crash because it is the same regardless of the game I'm playing. Also here are two. I hope they are good enough. Also I have win 7

First I will hear a buzzing/static sound when someone is talking in game or if there is even the small explosion or character making a sound. Next time there is a sound the buzzing is a little louder and starts to happen more frequently until even the smallest sound make this buzzing sound. Then the buzzing/static reaches it's peak and the screen freezes with the sound repeating nonstop loudly and I blue screen and it forces a restart. Following that restart my computer is fast, but when I minimize programs or exit them it takes about 10 seconds for them to fade away.

The games that this happens the most on is Team Fortress 2, Crysis, left 4 dead 2, and MW 3.

All help is great appreciated and anymore information needed will be given.


Have you been checking your temps? Are all of your drivers up to date and I just don't mean the GPU drivers I mean all driver bios, sound, etc up to date? I had a dell that would do almost the same thing.

I would be playing and all of a sudden a sound would come out of the dell like someone took a record needle and pulled it across the record and it was loud. Turns out to be my GPU was over heating.

What is the brand of your PSU? When was the last time you took a can of air to the inside of your rig and blew out all the dust from all the heat sinks and fans etc? Get back to us and we will go from there. Good luck.