Question Create Gmail account without a phone number ?

Jul 12, 2021
Hello All,

I've just wasted like an hour searching and trying to find a FREE way to create a Gmail account without a phone number.
And yes it Must be a Gmail account (for Youtube etc) - so please don't suggest any others :p

I've tried searching only results from the last year, month etc but no dice.

The second screen only gives me an option to add a phone number - NOTHING ELSE?
All the guides say to do other options that simply don't exist Right Now today!

I've even tried using a VPN to pretend I'm Indian or British etc but no change

I'd prefer to do it on my Windows PC rather than android, and without using another email address as ref unless necessary

I really hope someone else has found an answer that actually still works?

Appreciate any help you can offer!

P.S. I did look for a more appropriate forum but was surprised to find that there isn't a general or 'on the internet' type forum for this kind of stuff?


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Phillip Corcoran

As with many websites in the last couple of years, security measures have been beefed up to add more protection to user accounts, and requirement for a phone number is part of that. You used to be able to "skip" the request for a phone number when creating a Gmail account, but not now.

Don't blame Google, blame all the low-life hackers & crackers out there.
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