Create my own Internet Service from my ISP


Feb 2, 2014
I don´t know if it´s possile or not possible, but i think about this and don´t find any solution or idea to respect

The question it´s how share my conecction with my actual ISP and give or shared my internet connection with other people or use my connection with my mobile but outside from my house, and also have connectio using only my internet service with my ISP

For example i have service with ISP "x" , and have my modem router and also i use my ASUS router in bridge mode, and i want creat the same as APN for shared and give access to internet to other people in other place or country , or let my smartphone connect to my connection using my router, for get internet access and don´t need data connection form other isp, for mobile internet access, the same as internet remote service

I don´t know if understand my idea but basically i want use my ISP connection for get internet with my own connection in other places and with all my devices and don´t need other companies, for example i read something abour this here :

Thank´s for read me, regards
I'm not 100% sure I understand what you want to do but:

No, I do not think that is possible. You could use some sort of VPN to connect to your home network from a remote location, but whatever device you're using from that location would still need it's own connection. For example, I believe you could connect to your home network from a cell phone by changing APN settings, but you're still relying on your carrier's mobile network to form the connection.

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right cell service is basically a radio signal like am/fm only different frequencies. to connect your phone to your home ISP, you'd have to have a radio antenna broadcasting strong enough for your phone to be able to pick up and receive it where ever you happen to be. cell companies have a large network of antennas that overlap coverage to do that. so 1 single antenna at your house won't give much of a distance you could connect to.

short answer no, you're not gonna use your home isp to connect your phone to it as you go about your day outside your house.

as for allowing others to connect to you through the internet would be the same type issue. your isp has a local node you connect to that then connects you to their central server and from there you get to the internet as a whole. for someone else to use your internet connection, you'd be acting as the central server but would need the local node for them to connect to to gain access to your "server'

so to act as your own isp, you need a ton of equipment to be able to provide access to the internet to anyone outside your house. sorry but it's just not gonna happen. now creating a home network with like a media server that has can be accessed from the internet is a whole different thing and not that hard to do.


Jul 18, 2016
Actually, setting up as a VISP isnt hard, and you dont need any hardware with some packages; it is a bit like a hosting companies on a cloud.

I looked a few ISP and Mobile Network "in a Box" solutions a couple of years ago.

They wouldnt do what the OP wants though.