Question CS:GO has high FPS but slutters when shooting ?

Aug 7, 2023
hello guys, English is not my native lingo so if i make mistakes be kind ; )

My problem is the following : i have capped my fps and both online and offline i'm experiencing freeze/ sluttering when shooting at ennnemies both in matchmaking of valve and on faceit servers i uploaded on my youtube a video which will show the phenomenom (not so noticeable on this video but sometimes it works fine and it comes after 1 game or 20 minutes) :


  • I have tested my ram by buying another kit but same issue,
  • changed my gpu from 3080 zotac to 3080 TUF.
  • bought a new motherboard, went from B650 MSI PRO to B650 AORUS ELITE AX

i don't know what's going on. When i built the pc everything worked fine for like 2 weeks then this happened and i haven't found answer for months even tho i have been looking for all that time. My temps are fine 60 max for the cpu in game and same for the GPU.

My pc specs now are :
CPU 7800X3D : used at 15/25 % when playing with 40 W in avg
GPU RTX 3080 TUF GAMIMG 10 GB : used a 30/40 % when playing with 30 % use of 360 W at max
RAM 2x16 GB G SKILL NEO RGB 6000 Mhz CL30 + expo is enable in bios
PSU MSI MPG 1000 W Gold plus
SSD 980 Samsung 1 To.
Windows 11
i'm playing in full low setting 16:10 1080x1080.


1920x1080 is 16:9, 1920x1200 is 16:10. So which is it ?
Experimental Win 11 and have you checked if the game is capable of full on DX-12 and do you have it on in game ?
The rest is in your settings or should I say Lack of Settings ?
Here's a general setup that should work in most games:
1) Set your monitor to 120-165hz vertical refresh frequency.
2) Set monitor to have G-Sync on if capable.
3) Enable Fast Sync in Nvidia settings (global).
4) Disable V-Sync anywhere in any game or software.
5) Have OpenGL/Triple Buffering On (drivers).
6) Cap your FPS in drivers to the number you set your monitor in (1). Step down speeds if you get excessive speed ups in games.
7) Definitely disable Nvidia's latest brainfart - Weapon Debris. Don't worry, you won't loose anything but lag.
8) Don't have your game set automatically on "Ultra Everything", many settings rob you of performance for no visual gain: motion blur, depth of field blur, godrays, etc... If you are clueless visit websites that show how to optimize the specific game settings for better performance, while retaining the best visual effects.
Hope this helps, Enjoy.