Bummer... Did the Q6600 finally cry enough, or was it something else that went up in flames?

Oh, and just so I don't stray from the topic, I'm taking a wait-and see approach with GO. I'm actually still mad at Valve for wasting time on yet another CS game when they should be making more HL games, but I digress...
CS has always been fun; even basic 1.6 is still very playable today. I actually helped organise a CS: Condition Zero LAN at the office a few months ago. Graphics be damned, it's still a great game. My gripe is that they keep on re-hashing the same stuff instead of creating something new. I'm convinced that Steam is now so profitable that Valve fell they no longer need to make games.



Motherboard went up in flames. literally. glowing and smoke. Didn't replace it at the time as I was going to Oz for a year, but now I'm back and looking at going MITX!

oh man, I didn't realize it was coming out today. I will definitely pick it up, since it's so cheap, due to fond memories of 1.6 and source.

And, Valve is making remakes at the moment - TF2, CS:GO, Dota 2. They aren't exactly slacking around because steam got so big, it's decent amount of work working on those 3 "remakes". I'm not blaming them for making remakes, but I'd rather they also devote time to their promises on HL, after all, that was their beginning and shall remain their legacy, no matter how big steam gets.

speaking of which, there's so much stuff going on with steam I think part of their dev team is working on steam alone, 24/7. It's like, steam would have to die in order for valve to find time to make HL3.