Question Custom build help

Jun 14, 2019
Hey guys I hope this is the right place to post, as it is on the topic of a full custom system. So I am professional gamer, and I play Fortnite. I am building a new custom PC, I have hired someone to help me build the pc. So here are some of my concerns and questions. To give you an idea I am using a thermaltake p5 case and I will be doing a i9 9900k with a 2080 ti, I am going to be getting the gigabyte 2080 ti with the water lick on it already. I am also getting the gigabyte aurous master or ultra it’s there top of the line board that was rated best motherboard of 2019 so far which I know is subjective. My question is as I use the computer just to play games with a high end monitor and do stream but am I making the wrong decision building this computer within the next week, as AMD just released there new cpu that are supposedly going to best the i9, also am I making the right decision doing the gigabyte 2080 ti with the gigabyte aurous motherboard there top of the line board for intel. Listen I just want some help from Experts in the pc world, I am doing a custom loop and using very high end parts to ensure quality and a long lasting pc because I will be overclocking the pc and gpu. Any suggestions as this is my first custom build with a water cooler. Is this just complete overkill or should I wait for amd and wait for the 2080 ti super. Is gigabyte 2080 ti with there waterblock my best option for motherboard and graphics card. Thanks for the help guys


May 18, 2019
Well AMD isn't for everyone Intel is still superior in games mostly but not by much and I can't really say wait or don't wait for RTX 2080 Ti Super because all we really know are rumors about the supposed GPU when it hasn't been officially announced by NVIDIA GIGABYTE boards are pretty good and yes the AIB for the RTX 2080 Ti should do just fine.