Custom Vista Install disk Questions

I have a retail copy of Windows Vista Ultimate that I bought a few years ago to use on my desktop. I had to uninstall it and re-install Windows XP because Vista gave me too many headaches. To be honest, I never really gave Vista a chance or had the time to figure things out with that desktop.

Now, I have an HP Pavilion dv9730us Entertainment Notebook PC, that came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit). Unfortunately, it also comes pre-loaded with a lot of junk software that just adds bloat to the notebook. After using Vista for awhile I like it and was thinking about installing my retail copy of Vista Ultimate on the notebook, as a way to avoid installing all of the other junk when I re-install from the recovery partition.

Here is what I would like to do, if possible.

1. I'd like to create a custom dvd(s) of my retail copy of Vista Ultimate with all the latest Vista updates slipstreamed.

2. I'll also need to impliment all the important HP drivers and software for the notebook.

3. I'd like to rip out any unnecessary files to make a leaner and cleaner version of the install.

4. I'd like to have some of the unnecessary start-up services disabled or set to manual during the install.

5. I'd also like to have my custom tweaks implemented during the install.

I have done all the above with my Windows XP machine with no problems, but would like some guidance doing this with the notebook.

There is a folder located on the C: drive named SWSETUP. It is over 3 Gigs in size. It's also obvious as to what some of these folders contain, but there are many that I am uncertain of. See screen-shot below.


Are all of the drivers and software specific to my HP notebook located in this SWSETUP folder and would I be able to slipstream them on my custom Vista dvd(s)? If so, which folders are the important ones and how would I slipstream them to my custom dvd(s)?

Heck, if any of you think this would be a bad idea I'd like to hear why. I don't have to create a custom dvd - I just figure if I do so I could get better performance from my notebook. I could be very wrong, though. Look at my notebook specs below and tell me if I should avoid Vista Ultimate or not. Home premium (what I'm running now) seems to run great, so, if you think I should stick with Vista Home Premium would my notebook's Vista serial key be okay to use for the custom dvd(s)?

I probably could've wrote all this a little more simpler, but am in a hurry right now and writing all this as the questions pop in my head.

I really appreciate everyones help and look forward to your responses. I'm staying busy lately, but I will get on here and answer any questions when time allows.

Thanks again!

Here are my laptop system specs.

Model HP Pavilion dv9730us Entertainment Notebook PC

CPU AMD Turion 64 X2

CPU Speed TL-64(2.20GHz)

CPU L2 Cache 2 x 512KB

Operating System Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)

Graphics GPU/VPU NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M

Video Memory Up to 1071MB Total Available Graphics Memory

Hard Drive 250GB RPM 5400rpm

Memory 3GB Max Memory Supported 4GB


Without going through your detailed list, there is a simple solution to your problem.
Uninstall anything you don't want on your pc, get it to the point that you're happy with it.
You can then use disk cloning software like Acronis True Image (my choice) and create a disk image of your entire drive to an external drive and dvd for added security.
This way even if your hard drive dies you can restore in a very short time just the way you want it.
Acronis can also be scheduled to run at preset times, for instance after Microsoft Tuesday updates once a month, keeping your image constantly updated so you don't need to download 6 months or more of updates.
Acronis is not free but worth every cent, there are free options but probably don't have all the options in Acronis, still better then none.
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