CyberPower EC350G UPS Tear-Down

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Daniel Sauvageau

Aug 12, 2014
[quotemsg=18475028,0,35532]Not that promising I guess.[/quotemsg]
To me, the battery/batteries are the single most important component in an UPS: if the battery isn't up to snuff, the rest of the UPS is not really worth talking about since it cannot deliver more than the battery can. While the battery isn't bad in absolute terms (it is about even with other brands' batteries), 3.6Ah of nominal capacity drastically reduces the number of cases where it will be viable.

I wouldn't use that to power anything beyond the most basic PC, a PVR/console+TV or other similarly light loads.
I have the polar opposite from Canadian Tire.

40ah of batteries in a 400 watt ups.
400 watts max(320 or less or it only runs for 5 min due to thermal limits[at least what it says in them manual])

I would drop in some more images(would be interested in you opinion based on the board), but I do not want to fill a comment thread. I have had it for over 6 years at least(batteries just went[few weeks ago]).


Nov 30, 2015
Hey there,
Thanks for the review, as with your other dissections I had good time reading it. Given all these UPS you opened up, maybe you could change the tactic and in a future article tell us how to choose a good UPS ? Moreover, if you team up with your PSU reviewer fellow Aris, something nice could come up, I think. And for the lazy ones like me it would be even better if that ends up recommending some real products that are worth the money.

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