Question CyberPower, one day shipping


Oct 2, 2015
Hi all. Just ordered a rig from CyberPower, the INSTRUCTION: GAMER SUPREME ET9926 + FREE Shipping + Next Day Rush. I’m aware of the criticism that comes with prebuilts and what not. I’m in a bit of a time crunch and after talking with my wife this is the easiest root to go.

yes I have a new PSU lined up and will replace the crap they put in their rigs in December probably. This is my
third purchase from cyber power.

When I bought the build, at the bottom it said: Deliver on 9/25.
I decided to pay for quicker deliver, and set it to Deliver on 9/24
However when I look on my order status, I see this.
Sales post date: 9/21/2019
Expected ship date: 9/25/2019

Now obviously I paid an extra 150 dollars to get the computer Tuesday
Is this just because they haven’t updated my order properly yet,
or should I be contacting my rep first thing tomorrow?

(the computer is for my son, he is fighting a long battle with leukemia right now but will hopefully be home this week! This will be my surprise to him.)

Thanks all, and god bless! Sorry if this is the wrong section.


Honestly, nobody here can answer that for you. You need to contact THEM and ask them why, when you paid for delivery that specifically said 9-24 you are seeing it not expected to even ship until 9-25. Honestly, it's a common practice. Amazon does it all the time, even to Prime members. Their "2 day shipping" means 2 days AFTER it ships, and there is NEVER any guarantee when they may be. Yes, often items DO come two days after you order them, but often they do not. If you check fine print on your order there is likely something to the effect that your shipping guarantee is only for fully standard builds. Anything, at all, that deviates from the "standard" package for that model, likely causes it to be delayed because somebody is going to have to take that component out, put the changed or custom component in, and then test it. Or so they will say.

To be honest, you've picked not just a company that gets criticism for being a prebuilt manufacturer, but maybe the single worst company in the industry when it comes to customer complaints, block headed errors in the assembly and pairing of parts that could not ever make sense to be used together, plain old fails and complete lack of concern or consideration for it's customers which we not only see again and again but actually have a running thread to keep track of. Not surprising in the least.


It's a much better choice. You'll also likely end up with a far better configuration for less, plus you'll get to spend time with your son doing something that no amount of money or any off the shelf purchase can provide you with. And more importantly, him.