CyberpowerPC related Tomfoolery and LOLz


May 10, 2018
I posted approx 3 weeks ago asking about pre-built suggestions for a friend in the states who is dead set on not building their own pc.

Mr/Ms USAFret advised against it, but as I pointed out its not my choice, and nobody had an alternative suggestion.

Results Time:- To add to the reputation, the ridiculousness and hoping maybe one of their flying reps can potentially help me out if they see this.

I can confirm that the ordered preBUILT PC has started to arrive.
We were emailed and told the promotional extras (keyboard,mouse,mousepad,headset) would be sent in a second parcel to avoid weight limit restrictions.

The first parcel has arrived. It contained the "accesories"

NEVER did we dream that this preBUILT PC, after its ASSEMBLY and BURN IN TESTING would arrive....

With the MOTHERBOARD in the accessories parcel, STILL MANUFACTURER SEALED in its box.

Call me crazy... but what are the components going to be attached to in the second parcel? Or will they be lying in a heap at the bottom of the case? What "Building" took them 20 days to manage?

More importantly, are they going to try and charge me shipping fees to have this sent back to them so they can actually make good on their building of said pc?