D*ll studio m017g mobo with ssd


Dec 9, 2011
Hey everyone, first of all, I will never buy a d*ll again.

I was planning on putting a 64gb crucial ssd into my desktop. I have read that AHCI mode was the best option when using a SSD. After tracking down what mobo I had I found that I had a M017g that was the original board in my d*ll studio desktop, with intel q8300 chip, win7 64 bit. 8gb ddr2 ram. I really havent been able to find much info on it. But I do know that the only options on my BIOS are ATA and RAID. I believe ATA is going to be the same as IDE, but I still dont have the AHCI. After some more research, I think that mobo only had sata i speeds, which kind of takes away anything I would gain from installing a SSD in the first place. Frustrating!

So, I guess what I'm asking is if anyone agrees or disagrees with this? Or else what options for new mobo (currently ddr2 but I guess I could upgrade because ram prices are pretty good. But I would like to keep my processor, because I believe it is still pretty decent. Any help would be appreciated, Ive been going around in circles for a week now.