dark base 900 quality


Nov 17, 2015
i have just purchased a dark base 900 case NOT the PRO version. i have the following concerns. the provided manual is very sketchy and hard to read. fitting a psu is a nightmare, i still have not been able to do it properly. and here is why. the quality of the screws and fixings is rubbish. th installed screws on the rear of the case are so tight you cannot remove them without ruining the head of the screw, rendering theu unremovable. all in all i think this case is very poor quality, i wish i had not purchased it, a wastoe of a lot of money. i will be looking for another. i am very dissapointed in all the glowing reviews for a case that is lacking in quqlity.


May 26, 2013
I know this response is late, but I’m about to sell my dark base 900 (version 1) for all the reasons bobvives listed and my own reasons:

1.Motherboard riser screws double thread.

2. I removed the 5.25 enclosure to install a 3rd fan, however there is no fan filter for this.

3. The very top hdd slot cannot be used because it’s not been cut straight (manufacturing error).

4. The power supply shroud is horrible to fit and you have to install It first, once your pc is built it cannot be fitted.

5. The top panel is not aluminium like the front, back and sides which is not detailed in its description or any reviews. I had intended to fit a magnetic WiFi antenna on the top and was disappointed when I found out is was a huge piece of plastic, painted to look metal.

It is a complete waste of money so don’t get it. I’m probably going to get the Phanteks p600s as it has the best of both silence and airflow. The Meshify s2 looks awesome too.
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