DayZ Mod: ArmAII


Jun 23, 2011
So I played this mod that everybody seems to be talking about.

It's a really great me, it sort of feels like a STALKER type of MP. It is a persistent server system, going on a real 24-hour day/night cycle. When you quit, and then start playing again later, you start up exactly where you left off.

When you die, however, you're dead. Start from scratch......and I like it that way. There's no arbitrary statistics or leveling or other junk that your typical MMO might have; it's just about fighting to survive as long as you can.

This creates a lot of tension! Much like the reality of the situation, when you encounter another person, or group of really have no idea whether or not you can trust them.

One thing I really like about their health's based on blood loss, and a transfusion / bandaging system. It takes a little time to get yourself patched up....not like most FPS's where you just click on a stimpack icon and instantly recover. You can break bones in this game - get knocked unconscious, go into shock. There are morphine syringes and painkillers to help you cope with the symptoms.

You have to eat food and drink water to stay healthy.

In short, a lot of thought has gone in to making this a great survival game, and not just a zombie killing fest.

Now the bad of it: The ArmA engine is pretty awful. This game doesn't look good....actually it looks pretty bad most of the time. I knew this going in, since I've spent a bit of time playing ArmAII. Half the time you feel like your fighting with the mechanics of movement.

The good news: It has been confirmed that the mod is already running on the ArmaIII engine and there is already a big effort underway to get it going on that platform. This is going to be awesome!! Check out some videos of the ArmAIII engine and you'll see it is VASTLY improved over the current one.

I'm actually pretty stoked about the future of this mod. Bohemia Interactive (ArmA dev) seems to really be on-board with the future development of the mod with their engine, which is understandable considering the popularity of DayZ has driven ArmAII CO sales through the roof.