DDR3 issue, or maybe CPU-Z not right?


Oct 16, 2007
let me start by saying that I have 2x1gb sticks of Cellshock DDR3-1800 ram.

last night I get the blue screen of death and some other issues that make me think I have a RAM issue. So I start CPU-Z and find out that the RAM is running at DDR3-1400 speeds (2 channel), but one stick has 8-7-6-21 timing, and the other had 4-3-3-9 timing. So I went into the BIOS and manually set the timing to 7-7-7-18. I ran mem-test for an hour and everything came back fine. What would make RAM go asynchronous? is this a ram issue, motherboard issue, or was CPU-Z in error with this SPD timing?



Former Staff
The SPD values have nothing to do with the actual timings your system is running. Most modules have multiple SPD values. Your system is running only one set of timings for all modules.

Use the "Memory" tab of CPU-Z to see what timings you're running, the SPD tab only tells you what the default timings are for various speeds.