Question DDR4 Memory does not fit on DDR4 Ryzen board

Oct 9, 2019

I recently got this Motherboard: R3.0/index.asp#Specification
With this Memory:

Even if booth need DDR4, the module wont fit, any ideas?
Did I drunk to much while placing the ordering?

It goes in a bit and the it feels like, I got the wrong memory module, which usually just slips in.
And yes the notch does align. some pics:



Thanks in advance.
The notch insures that the dimm will fit only one way and only in the proper slot.
I see both motherboard and ram as ok.
To seat ram, verify that the ram is positioned directly above the slot.
Set the end latches to open. sometimes there is only one latch and one fixed latch.
Then push down on both ends at the same time to get it seated.
Sometimes this seems to take a bit of force.
The latch will flip up locking the ram in place.


Story time:

2001-2002 or about there.

Abit, still making computer hardware. My friend buys a new Abit motherboard and some of the very early DDR DIMMs.

He gives me a call and says he needs help with installing the memory. Won't go in. I arrive and give it a try, and agree, this ram will not go in. I lean all my, at the time, 120lbs (50Kg) into it, nothing.

We have lines on our fingers from trying. We call up Abit and ask them what is up. They ask for the serial number and we provide it. They tell us they had a bad run of parts and the slots are out of tolerance, this is one of them. They tell us to give it everything we have and if the motherboard breaks they'll send a replacement.

My friend is significantly larger, probably close to 200lbs (90Kg). He is somewhat new to computers and thought the force he already applied was too much, but he goes for it. We have the board, somewhat stupidly, installed in the chassis during this. He goes for it, puts all his weight on it, and the memory goes in with some horrible crunching and other bad sounds. It did not survive the process, we can see the bulges at either end of the slot where the plastic is deforming to accommodate the memory. True to their word, they sent out a replacement motherboard.

Actually had to go back and help with the hard drives, first time mixing IDE drives and a shiny new SATA I drive. Early SATA cables apparently weren't Abit's thing either, or Foxconn was having some serious problems with their plastic. Plugged the first cable in to the hard drive and the connector cracked apart on insertion... Second one wasn't much better, it would lose connection constantly until we ordered a new SATA cable.

Every wonder why SATA drives have that little empty spot? They made SATA cables that came with extra plastic sticking out to help hold the connector in. Because the early cables were terrible. He got one of these:

Last time either of us looked at Abit products.