Dead Hard Drive? Toshiba x300 4TB


Dec 13, 2015
So I bought a TOSHIBA X300 HDWE140XZSTA 4TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive from Newegg then I proceed to plug it up and all was good. It was displaying in bios info then I decided to install windows 10 onto my SSD. Loading windows 10 I decided to go ahead and format the 4tb there, it formatted successfully. Then I proceeded and installed windows 10 on my SSD. After installation my drive was missing wouldn't display. Restarted PC same issue, restarted went into bios remembered something about AHCI, changed my sata port mode from native IDE to AHCI this was after the windows 10 install, shortly after my Toshiba x300 disappeared from the bios/windows 10 installation screen, I couldn't get it back. I went into my case re connected sata cables and sata power cable, tried different sata cables and sata power cables none worked. It eventually came back last night as detected. I wiped sweat off my face and thought to myself good days work. Was just a bit happy to see the drive being detected any at all. I went to sleep woke up, lo and behold drive no longer in bios, tried to reconnect sata/power cables tried to clear bios tried near damn everything. Drive won't get detected. It gets hot as if it's in use but it just won't get detected. Is this drive dead?
Hey there, Ricx.

I know you've written that the HDD gets hot, but do you hear it spin-up or vibrate when you turn on you computer? Try to update your BIOS/UEFI or reset it, to see if the drive shows up. Other than that you should always have all drives disconnected from the motherboard during the Windows installation process (besides the the drive you are installing Windows to, of course). But that shouldn't prevent the BIOS from recognizing the HDD.
You should also try the drive with a different computer, by connecting it either externally (via a SATA to USB adapter, external enclosure, or a docking station), or internally via a standard SATA connection, to see if it's properly recognized.
If you get the drive to show up again, I'd suggest that you download an HDD diagnostics tool and run the tests on the drive, to see if anything alarming pops-up.

Hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes.


Jul 7, 2016
i have the same problem. Just brought a fresh X300 7200 RPM Toshiba Internal 3.5 Inch HDD. Loaded Windows 10 Enterprise version. Now 10 days later can't see the drive.
My system Specs are as follows:

CPU = core i7 5820
MB= ASUS X-99-Chipset
RAM = 2X16 Gb Crosair ddr4 2133 MHZ
GPU = Nvidia 970 strix4GB

Why is the HDD Acting up like this?
I tried using hiren Boot CD to C it. it shows up in partition tools section. when i partition it it gives me option only as 2 primary partition and 1 secondary partition. after this the HDD has vanished does not show up anywhere else. finally just said HDD FAIL.

kindly advice?

Well, you can try the suggestions from my previous post to see if you have any luck with the drive.

Basically I can't tell you for sure what's the problem, but if the HDD is faulty, or has an issue, it's normal for it to act up like this. If the drive does not work properly after trying everything from my previous post, I'd advise you to contact the vendor you got it from or the HDD manufacturer's customer support and RMA it.

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