[SOLVED] Dead motherboard? 2nd opinion


Sep 27, 2014
Hi all. So I want a 2nd opinion before I start buying new parts.

Problem: PC does not turn on. Was working fine and out of nowhere it stop turning on btw it’s not my PC it’s my nephew. PC is only 7 months old and it a build PC not pre made.
It has a i3 with a MSI B460 torpedo motherboard, it has no GPU he uses the i3 that come with a build graphics.

Test: I try different test. First I use another PSU(mine) and plug everything in on nephew PC and it did not turn on.
2nd test I took nephew PSU and plug it in my PC and everything turn on.
3rd test I plug nephew PSU on to his PC and did the motherboard jumper test with the screwdriver, nothing turn on.
4th test I plug in my PSU and did the motherboard jumper test and nothing turn on.

So the motherboard dead after 7months? Is there more test I should do before buying a new one.