dell optiplex 9020 motherboard configuration issues

Oct 6, 2018
I am a noob pc builder
and made the stupid decision of buying a dell optiplex 9020 motherboard, which has no standard inputs
the first problem i have is how do I connect its special motherboard power switch to the case, so when I press the button the system turns on, the case which is a (first gen cooler master cm690), and where I can put the cases power leds and reset cables into the motherboards so that they function.

the second problem is if i get a 3 to 5pin adapter for my case fans will they work according such as automatically changing speeds and so on. and on the theme of the fans, the mother board only has 2, 5 pin fan connectors, which one is for cpu cooler, and my case has 3 fans + cpu cooler with the model (cooler master a12025-12cb-3bn-f1)

thank you, hopefully i can end up with a functioning computer
You're going to drive yourself nuts trying to get that to work in anything but an Optiplex 9020. Dell sells enough of each computer they make that they can
ignore compatability with other computers.
I answer a lot of Optiplex questions here. So I'm not biased against them. BUT! They are designed to be hard to modify. In the business environment with warantee and servcie contracts to consider it's a good idea.
You should just sell that MB and get a more generic computer to learn on. You can either build a complete modded 9020, or build a different computer.
Anything you learn from using that MB willl only apply to that particular computer.
If you already owned a complete 9020 then it can be worth upgrading. But to build something from scratch using Dell parts is a very bad idea.

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