Review Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor Review: High-Performance Work and Play

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May 23, 2014
This Dell has way too much Blur/ghosting to be considered best gaming monitor, if you're a PC gamer. Sort of blows my mind that this thing is the top pick.
I can understand a console gamer loving this monitor as blur is inherent. But jeez. I bought this Dell S3220DGF just because of all the glowing reviews only to find out it fails miserably in comparison to any 1ms monitor that I've had recently or in years past. You just can not get away from overshoot or ghosting, period. If you don't notice blur when gaming, good for you. But going from high hz/refresh-rate low response time monitors to this, was a very bad choice for me. If it weren't for the image distortion/motion blur this monitor may have been great. As I loved the color and the curve.

I just wanted to put this out there for anyone, like myself, who has been gaming on top end monitors for years. This Monitor is NOT the best out there for PC gaming. It's ghosting/overshoot/blur issues aren't as bad as some 120hz+ monitors/panels that don't sport a 1ms response time. But it's bad enough it gave me eye-strain and headaches, which I never get on any of my low response time monitors (Asus, BenQ, Dell and Alienware).
Jul 29, 2020
Hello, this is my review from Amazon:

10 bit color, HDR, 1440p and 165hz!

I'm in love with this monitor. got it from another store, Amazon didn't have it from the time I got it. the colors are very nice, response time is 4ms but I can barely notice any ghosting. I order a display port cable 1.4, the one that came in the box is 1.2. My old monitor was Dell S2417DG G-Sync 165hz 1440p and 1ms. Did some calibration myself, here they are if some one like to use it:

On the monitor:

Presete Mode: Standart
Game Enhance Mode: Off
FreeSync: On
Smart HDR: Desktop
Response Time: Super Fast
Dark Stabilizer: 0
Brightness: 74
Contrast: 76
Sharpness: 60

On the NVidia Control Panel:

All channels:

Brightness: 45%
Contrast: 57%
Gamma: 1.07


Brightness: 40%
Contrast: 72%
Gamma: 1.07


Brightness: 45%
Contrast: 50%
Gamma: 1.07


Brightness: 50%
Gamma: 1.07

Digital vibrance: 55%
Hue: 0

I hope this works for you. thanks for reading. Happy Gaming!!!
Thanks for these settings. I signed up to this forum just to reply to you. I was struggling a bit with this monitor to get the picture right. It was either too bright and washed out or far too much contrast. I never really played around with the Nvidia vibrance and gamma settings before but its really fixed the problems for me and I can enjoy the monitor now. I was very close to sending it back but its a keeper now, running the exact same settings as you.

Although Im still a little unimpressed with the viewing angles and light bleed when viewing webpages and documents on this screen. Im not sure it deserves so much praise in reviews. But there are not many monitors with this spec and price and games and movies look spectacular on it for sure.
I just wish OLED would hurry up and become mainstream for computer monitors. Feels like we are stuck in the past with these screens.


Nov 6, 2012
I just got this monitor today,I went the lonely rout and set it up thru my video card settings,no hdr,this thing looks real nice,got my games on 164hz with display port.IF your games look dark just turn up brightness in game.looks great.