Desktop роwers up, but does not boot. More inside.


Feb 8, 2014
Hi, everyone.
I'm not a computer person, so i will be using some improper terminology every now and then, that will hopefully be easy to understand. I will try to make the thread as segmented and easy to read as possible.

> The isuue:
- Old desktop, about 4 years old, haven't used for about 2 years.
- When i power it up, fans start spinning [case cooling fans, CPU "fan", GPU fan, PSU fan] all those decorative led lights inside go on, HDD shows signs of life(can feel it working if you hold it) Lights on motherboard - manual buttons "On/Off" and "reset" turn on as well.
- Past that point, i get no signal on monitor from either ports - DVI and HDMI.
P.S. - Monitor is functional, all the cable connections checked.

> Specs:
- Motherboard: ASUS P6T
- СPU: Core i7 920
- Graphics: ATI Radeon 4890 1gb ... Also tried with GeForce GT630 1gb - same.
- PSU: 580w XILENCE or XILENT i think, worked just fine with that set of hardware since the very start.

> What i did & what i know:
- HDD is brand new, since i gave the old one away, had to buy one + it starts "spinning" when i power the PC up, so i guess i can exclude the issue with HDD?
- When i tried to turn it on with ATI card, the 3 red lights on it would stay on, i googled them, and thier messages were something like "Power connector 1 failure", "Power connector 2 failure" and "Critical temperature failure" - although that would come on when i only started the computer so there's no way it would reach "critical temperature" immediately, right?
- I also tested it with GeForce GT 630, same result - no signal. Guess Graphic Cards can be excluded too?
- Someone on the internet suggested removing the cooling thing from the CPU and power it up for just a couple seconds and touch it to make sure it starts warming up within a few sec. but not to hold it on for more then 5-6 seconds. - It did start warming up, so i guess it at least isn't dead.
- I tried removing memory sticks and powering the thing up, nothing, no beeps from the mother board or any lights except those on manual "On/Off" and "Reset" buttons on the motherboard(Didn't see any tiny speaker on the motherboard though so expecting a beeping sounds might not apply to my case).
- Tried powering it up with just a single ram stick. Same. Tried interchanging sticks when powering up with just 1. Same.

> Questions:
- The desktop itself was brought from EU, it has the same PSU it had back there and it's my first time trying to power it up in the USA, obviously i'm using a cable suitable for US power outlets, but PSU being made for Europe shouldn't be a problem due to difference in our outlet voltage 110 vs 220, should it?
- I did some research on that CMOS battery thingie, some opinions are contradicting each other - some say it only stores time and bios setting, and PC should boot just fine without it, with minor inconveniences, some say due to loss of hardware settings memory, PC might get confused about its own hardware and not boot at all - can that be a problem?

> Other than that, i guess i'm left with 3 possible things that i can't 100% confirm being functional, just educated guessing.
- Motherboard failure.
- CPU failure.
- PSU failure.
Is there anything esle i can do to exclude one thing or another before i spend more money on it?(before i go through my friends tearing pieces of hardware out of their computers to test on mine) I just want a working desktop to stand in the corner, it's unnecessary, but convenient, so i'd like to spend as few bucks as possible.

Thanks everyone in advance.