Desperately Need Help for Universal Serial Bus Controller Install


Dec 19, 2016
I've been through every single thread or post imaginable on this subject, tried every solution, and nothing has yet to work. I recently reinstalled Windows 7 onto my solid state drive, and as usual I went back through to reinstall all the necessary drivers I was missing. When I tried to reinstall the Universal Serial Bus Controller, the install looked like it was going well, then it turns off my mouse and keyboard before it's finished, and they aren't able to reconnect. They are usable in the BIOS, but any attempt to log on to Windows 7, even in safe mode, disables them both again completely. I've tried different mice, different keyboards, everything that I can possibly try. There seems to be a solution involving a ps2 controller adapter but I don't have a time machine on hand either, I'm completely exhausted as to what I can even try or do, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
1. Prepare for Windows installation with USB tool or use whatever media ya have

2. Connect boot drive data cable to lowest numbered SATA port .... but don't connect:
-Ethernet cable
-SATA Data Cable for any other drives

3. Install Windows to boot drive

4. Turn off Windows ability to install Hardware drivers

5. Install all hardware drivers from original media in boxes See Item 7 below

AT THIS POINT suggest installing latest BIOS

6. Connect ethernet cable and run Windows Update till it stops doing anything

7. Install latest drivers for ALL hardware from manufacturers web sites. The reason we didn't do this in step 5 is 3 fold:
-Sometimes MoBo CD comes with licensed utilities with product key embedded and these are not on web site versions
-Its advisable to establish a working out of box conditions
-Sometimes newer drivers require latest Windows Updates

If you have a 2nd drive ....

8. Shut down and connect HD data cable to 2nd lowest numbered SATA port.

9. Boot to BIOS and make sure that SSD is the 1st boot device, if not fix it

10. Boot to Windows

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