Did i fry my 4850?


Jun 13, 2009
I'm beginning to wonder if i have damaged my ati 4850.

One day when i was running it and playing games for about 30 min, i smelt something funny,

turns out a random cable had stopped the fan on my 4850 from spinning.

Now i look at other people videos playing the same game as me, with less powerfull computers.

and yet they are getting better framerates...

did i wreck my card?

or is it possible that because theirs is a different brand 4850 it runs better?

(i own msi)


It is possible, but frame rate is not necessarily where it would show, there are may factors to look at when comparing frame rates, the most likely way of the card showing damage is lockups in games, failure to run games, BSOD, system crashes, failure to start, If your card overheated due to the fan being stopped from spinning, and it got damaged due to the excessive heat, then these symptoms would also appear in one form or another!

Make sure in the future you have a well cabled interior, and also be aware if your fan has been impeded from spinning for such a period of time, its life will have been shortened as well.

Try 3dmark 06 and check against similar system benchmarks to see where you come, post them on here as well for scrutiny