Did I get a good deal? Also could I have sold a bad CPU?


Aug 30, 2017
I found a delidded 8600K on ebay for $185 and an MSI z370-A PRO for $69.99. I'm going to order the RAM tonight.

My motherboard died. So I decided to sell my old CPU and RAM. My Graphics card had errors too. Not sure if it was because of the motherboard or not. I shipped it off to Asus because I got the rma. I'll know it was due to my motherboard if they test it and it comes back good. I had power. Fans powered on. The RGB was lit up. No beep, no post... I sure hope it wasn't the CPU or RAM messed up. I'm about 95% sure it was the motherboard. I messed with the CPU pins because I thought some looked like they were bent. I thought maybe that might have been causing my graphics card to crash. Would not post after that. So I just up and sold my parts and bought something else with the money. It did look like some thermal compound got in there though. But I thought I got it all out. Oh well. I just hope the CPU was still working when I sold it. There were two black places on the CPU motherboard pins when I got the board out of the case I noticed it.

I had a 4790K and I got $215 for it.
I had 16GB DDR3 RAM and got $75 for it.

I figured I'm going to be without a computer for a while anyway so why not sell it and upgrade?

I was thinking about getting Ryzen but when I saw that cheap 8600K and cheap Z370 board I just had to go for it. I'm a gamer and I know Intel is better for gaming.


Sep 22, 2018
Great deal for the cpu and mobo. It most likely was the mobo because the cpu and gpu had problems. Messing with the pins shouldn’t effect the cpu itself.