Did I get ddosed?

Apr 2, 2018
Well here we are, using my mobile data to do this because I know nothing about this and just want to play my games, anyways, I was playing gta 5 online like always and a modded cane in the usual (god mode, Superman, explosive ammo, etc.) so I called him a little b*tch. And I got disconnected from rockstar games and chrome stopped working. I checked my phone and nothing was working so I immediately unplugged my Ethernet cord from my pc (it does not have wireless capabilities) and stayed calm because this had actually happened to me before, in the same game. One problem though, it won’t turn back on. I inglés the router, I reset it, unplugged all the ports, everything. So what can I do and was it even a ddos attack.


Doubt that you are the victim of DDOS.

Not sure that I follow the events per se but if you engaged in abusive behavior (e.g., profanity) then the game site may have disconnected you and perhaps even applied a ban of some sort.

However, if you cannot even get back on your network and/or get an internet connection that is another problem altogether.

Unplugging cables or turning off devices while the computer is running can corrupt files.

And there will be even more problems if you reset the router: e.g., pushed in and held the little button on the back.

Doing that reset returned the router to its' factory settings.

You will need to log into the router with the default admin name and password to completely reconfigure your network as it was before.

What make and model is your router? Do you have the User Guide/Manual? If not, go online, find the User Guide/Manual and start over.

Once you get your network and internet connections working then try the game site again.

If they let you back in to play be thankful and watch your language.

Report "cheaters" or misbehaving players via the game site if there are such options.

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