Question Did I install noctua nh-d15s fan the right way?


I have the NH-D15S, and I can tell you:
-the fan is facing in the right direction, but the fan should be clipped to the 2nd tower as push. There is some kind of 'buzzing' sound produced when the NF-A15 is used as a pull fan. IDK what else to call it, but it's an audible and rather annoying sound.
-you have the heatsink 'upside down'. The D15S' heatsink was designed to be offset away from the gpu for better clearance and the Noctua engraving shouldn't be upside down.


Most normally the fan will be mounted to the rear tower to maximize pressure pushed through the rear. The vacuum created by the fan in front of it is strong enough to pull air through the front tower.

It's a turbulence thing. Push has static pressure, pull does not.

But as far as which flow direction, yep you got it right, the picture clearly shows the wire entering the back side of the fan, towards the rear, where it's supposed to be.

With the H510, I'd only use rear/top/rear exhaust. No intake fans. You'll get better airflow and better gpu temps, which is more important than a cpu under a D15S.


NH-D15S only comes with one fan.
Regular D15 comes with 2, but doesn't have the offset heatsink design.
my D15 was 'regular', and the entire fan is just a spring loadeded clip-on whcih seemed to easily slide up and down by a full 1 inch or so, although that would increase the mounting cooler mounting height from 165 mm in lock-step with the raised fan)