did I ridicule the OP with a lame answer?

A few times in my time here I've answered a question without the necessary amount of courtesy and consideration for what I may perceive as the failings in the OP's question or insight.

However, this was not one of those and is similar to a few responses I have gotten in the past, in my opinion, undeservedly.

So is my answer to the OP's question in fact lame and full of ridicule?



Perhaps poorly phrased. Instead of "going to the actual Synology forums and asking your questions there" I would say "Synology has forums dedicated to many specific topics. There may be additional assistance there."


the part about checking out synology's forum could have been stated better perhaps but otherwise i see no issue. perhaps it was not the answer they were looking for, and posting a how to is certainly a better idea than trying to pass them off on another forum but that is besides the point of it all really.

some people just have paper thin skin and take exception to everything. i have ran into the issue a few times in the past myself since i tend to state things as a matter of fact and some people (for what reason i can not fathom) think pure facts are somehow insulting. in such cases i just opt out of the thread and leave them to figure it out on their own.