Different bluescreen..think it is my AMD driver but what to do?


May 27, 2014
Hey All

I have just purchased a new graphic card R9 280X (I had a HD5850 before) and have windows 7.
I got some trouble at the beginning with installing the driver, therefore i used DDU (Display driver uninstaller)...and from there i have got different blue screens every time i try to shot down windows ( not the first time after have installed the driver, but every other time).
The problem with DDU is when I asked it to clean all my drivers (AMD), then it just freezed, i had my machine on for over an hour and nothing happen, so therefor I needed to stop DDU (and I have tried to run it in safe mode several times and when that did not work I tried in normal mode but no success).
My second problem is also when i try to install the driver 14.6 then it takes very long time AND at the end I get a failure from the installation. It can't install the display driver and the HDMI Audio driver...BUT I can play games just fine and go in to Catalyst Control Center.

I have tryed to device manager and update it from there, but it just say that both Display and HDMI Audio driver is up to date.


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