Question Difficulty Trying to Port Forward With Asus Router RT-AC86U

Oct 17, 2020
I've recently been trying to set up a Minecraft server (port: 25565) so I could play with a friend, however, no matter what I try I cannot get the port open. I've made servers in the past, but that was with a different router and connected via ethernet. Now I have an ASUS RT-AC86U and I'm connecting to the home network through an access point provided by a Luxul XAP-1410. I've tried a handful of solutions: updated router firmware, disabled firewall, used third party applications, etc., but to no success.

I'd appreciate any help.
There are 2 common problems people have with port forwarding when we assume they have properly configured the router.

Make sure the program on the server is actually active on the port you think it is. The network tab of the resource viewer will show. Something must be active to respond to the scans or they will say the port is closed.

The next one is many people do not actually have a public IP address. Check that the IP you see on the wan port is the same as a you see on a site like whatsmyip.

I always run merlin firmware on my asus routers but I think the IP address is still on the main network map screen that it the first page that comes up when you log in.

You could also try the DMZ option rather than use port forwarding. It is not a good long term option but it tends eliminate any mistakes that could happen in the port forward config.

After this it is hard to say. Maybe plug your pc directly into the modem that way you know if it is the router config. You many times must reboot your modem when you change the device you connect to it.
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