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Directx 12 for Window 7

most likely. if you think about it not even DX11.2 is available with win 7. is it logical for win seven to get DX12 but missing DX11.2 (and the upcoming 11.3)?

greed or not you can't expect them to keep giving new features to their old product. the thing is they making profit by making people upgrade or buying their OS. so they want people to upgrade. and win 7 already 5 years old while MS expect you to upgrade your OS for every three years.


Jan 14, 2015
Of course they are going to try to make people upgrade (or downgrade?), but the point is, that most gamers stick with windows 7, even if it's 5 years old. Windows 8 solved some issues, but it's still unstable compared to windows 7. If microsoft doesn't wan't to lose the PC gaming community, they'd better stop trying to make windows 10 look like an Xbox One for god sake, and focus themselves in integrating directX12 to windows 7 and make it be available for much hardware as posible. It's true thoug, that windows 7/8 users will get a free upgrade to windows 10 (will they? Is the greedy microsoft going to gift the OS to everybody who has windows 7???)
to be honest i don't see the problem with DX12 being exclusive to win 10 at all. even if there is no free upgrade offered by MS. it happen with vista when DX10 being exclusive to win vista. it happen with win 8 (DX11.2). does anything change? so far there is none as far as PC gaming is concerned. people will complaint in the beginning but in the end they will move on.

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