Disk consumption


Jan 29, 2012
Losing inordinate hard drive space after web surfing--sometimes as many as 300mg after visiting only one or two sites. Clean disk regularly and have resized system restore to 1Gb. but steady erosion continues.

Use Windirstat Utility and expand the drive to see all folders. Take a snapshot of folder usage to compare later.

Go on line and when finished, redo, Windirstat. You can see what folder on disk is increasing, and go from there.
Deleting your temp browser files should clear this up.

"Empty Temporary Files folder when browser is closed" is the option you want checked.

Note that the disk swap file will also grow as you use applications. Do you constantly lose the drive space and it never comes back? So you start out with 10gig free space, after a few days you are down to 8 or something? Or does it always fluctuate in the same size?