Question Display goes black, GPU fans go full speed, but audio and keyboard commands still work. Any solutions?


Jul 2, 2021
I am currently in the process of waiting for a new GPU as the current card in my setup is out of the warranty window. I am pretty sure this is just a graphics card issue but wanted to be sure I exhausted all steps.

SETUP - CPU/MB are brand new, RAM/PSU is fairly new and GPU is an RMA replacement from MSI.

Whether I am playing games or just doing regular work on the computer my display goes black and my GPU fans kick up all the way to max. I can hear whatever I was watching/doing and can even hear keyboard commands like windows key

  • PC has no iGPU so I cant test if it's solely my graphics card.
  • Reseated everything (cpu, nvme, psu, gpu, and ram)
  • Used different RAM sticks in different variations and tested memory
  • CMOS Reset
  • XMP/OC is off and always have been (RAM 2133/3000 Mhz)
  • Manually uninstall all GPU drivers and reinstall to current
  • Updated BIOS to current
  • Updated all motherboard drivers to current
  • Monitored CPU/GPU temps through multiple different software (MSI and third party) and all temperatures were normal while gaming/working
  • Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B command will make the sound but monitors don't respond and GPU stays on full fan speed
  • I have reset windows and done pretty much everything above a second time when the problem came about again.


I have not used DDU as I read if you can manually uninstall drivers dont bother but if that is suggested I will try
I do not know how to read the EVENT VIEWER but I did not see anything other than when I force shut down my computer (possibly something I can do with that if anyone knows a bit about the Event Viewer).
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May 30, 2022
There are some potential solutions for this issue:

Update your graphics driver: Make sure that you have the latest graphics driver installed for your graphics card

Overheating: Ensure that your graphics card is not overheating. Clean all the dust that may have accumulated in your cooling system

Power supply: Check if your power supply is providing enough power to your graphics card, a weak power supply can cause your graphics card to shut down.

Check for any hardware conflict: Go to device manager and check if there are any yellow exclamation marks or red X's next to any of the devices

Check the graphics card itself: Ensure that the graphics card is entirely seated in the Motherboard and all the connections are properly connected.

If these solutions don't work then it may be a hardware problem with the graphics card ,in this case, it would be better to take it to a professional to check.