Question Display Port No Signal

Feb 23, 2020
I just received my ASUS 144Hz 27" gaming monitor and my NZXT pre-built PC. When I plug both into power and connect them with a DP cable, I am receiving no signal. I tried the hdmi port as well and no luck. I tested another computer out and montor works fine HDMI and DP. This leads me to believe it is a mobo issue. I have the MPG 2390 Gaming Edge AC. When i first looked at the ports on the back of the case, the ports were slightly misaligned. I had to jam in at an angle the DP since it was barely visible. I did not jam too hard since i was cautious not to break anything. I simply bent the light metail cover that's on the outside of the computer. After plugging in a few things, the ports realigned and i have no issue getting the DP cable int he back. I am a still seeing no signal. I am very new to PC's and this is brand new so I am very confused. Along with extra cables i received an SLI bridge. Not sure what it is so maybe i need to put this in to make it work? not sure why since I bought it pre-built.It should be as simple as plug-and-play.