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Nov 27, 2020
Hey guys , i was playing a game a couple of days ago on my pc when i realized it was droping some frames a alot so i went out to check my gpu's temp and it was 80C . I then stopped the pc , opened it up and changed the thermal and then restarted it it was working fine and its temp was 65 at max , yester day it was dropping some frames again even thou it was normal temp 60C . Today when i went to run the pc the display of the screen just display for only a couple of minutes and the it stops displaying , the pc is still working thou and the lights is on and every thing but the display of the screen is cutt off and the gpu fan going crazy reving up and down when idle
Gpu : Galax GTX 1050
Cpu : Ryzen 3500X
Mother : Asus prime X570


Apr 5, 2020
Sorry man GPU is probably dead, BUT
You could try a different monitor or try a different cable or also try a different port at the back of the GPU.
You can then also try reseating the GPU in the PCIe Slot or try a different slot.
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Nov 27, 2020
What is the make and model of your PSU? Not just wattage.
What are the temps of CPU and GPU idle and while gaming now? Use HWinfo64 sensors mode to check.
Psu is CoolerMaster MWE 500 Watt been using it for about 3 years
CPU temp was about 39 C IDLE
the gpu is not displaying now so i cant really get its temp , i tried it on another rig and its the same problem so i guess it's dead ,but can i fix it ? Or that's it
If you don't have the expertise to identify the problem I doubt that you can fix it yourself, IF it's fixable.
Your PSU is not considered optimal to run in a gaming rig. I would suggest you upgrade it to a decent one, with recommendations in the first post from here:
Discussion - Power supply discussion and recommended models thread | Tom's Hardware Forum

and select preferably one of at least tier B from here: