Display showing Input not suport. Cannot get into safe or recovery mode. Occured After driver reinstall + windows Update.


Jul 20, 2015
Display saying "Input not suport" on start-up and then will momentarily show the windows loading screen. This however shows vertical stripes of red dots and some other dots and the windows logo does not show. only the loading bar comes up and it looks quite pixelated. The screen displays "input not suport" after this as well.

The specs and history:
Windows 7 64 bit
AOC or NOC monitor (not sure looks like and A without the stroke in the middle)

ATI Radeon HD 4800

About a week ago the computer started crashing (blue screen) when playing games. When using slightly less graphics intensive programs the monitor would blink, lag then pop up on task bar says display driver has just recovered followed by a blue screen after about 10 seconds. During the 10 seconds, there are random red and other coloured dots everywhere.

Following advice online i uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics driver as specified above.

It worked fine for 2 days and then there was a windows update which updated on shutdown.

Now it is as described. "Input not suport" and any attempt to access safe or recovery mode on startup will show a black screen. I know it accessed the recovery or safe mode as pressing escape will make it blink into a different black colour and then initiate normal start-up and i will momentarily see the weird windows loading screen as described.

Any help is appreciated thanks.



Dec 11, 2014
Does it do that when you put windows CD in your pc and go to repair windows?
If you can access that menu you can restore to before the windows update and just uncheck the drivers it recommend
Also make sure your GPU is not faulty