Question DisplayPort to DVI problem with second monitor ?

Sep 23, 2022
Hello Guys!

I have connected two monitors to my PC. One is with HDMI the other is with displayport to dvi, which is kind of old, and doesn't support HD resolution.

CPU - Ryzen 7 3800x
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce 1660 TI

The problem I have is so weird. For a long time, my second monitor was turning off out of nowhere and sometimes turns on sometimes I have to unplug and plug the cable back. Before like 2 weeks it shut off and never light up again. I tried like everything. Most of all didn't work, but there was one thing. I tried to unplug everything besides second monitor and to turn it on, what happened was that windows logo shows on, then black screen. I tried also to open BIOS and worked, after exit of BIOS black screen