DIY versus newegg combo, please advise


Nov 4, 2008
Purchase: ASAP

System Usage: On-line Bill Pay, Minor Web-Browsing, Minor Office Apps, Run iTunes (No Gaming, Video, Stream etc..,already have Media PC), Small size is HUGE, HUGE plus.

This will be a replacement PC for a 5+ year old PC the wife uses. I already did a DIY for our Media PC.....BTW, thanks to you guys I can stream the highest quality video available on my Samsung 52" 1080p LCD, the HD streaming is better quality than HD from the cable providers and I only run into occasional hiccups, and that is only because of the site's server qualities.

Anyway this PC will almost only be used 2-3 times/week. Mostly for paying bills, minor browsing, minor office apps, etc....

Not looking for a work horse. I picked the Combo just to upgrade her monitor from the old 17" Dell Monitor. Not mandatory, but it seemed like a reasonably cheap upgrade if I got the combo. If their are better monitor choices, outside the combo I am open to buying separately. Bigger is better, quality not so important since it is only for office apps/browsing.

I am looking to see if this is the best that can be found right now. Or if I can build one for cheaper. I am honestly thinking it isn't possible to get the same for less by DIY'ing it.

But, before pulling the trigger I figured I would run it by the DIY guru's.

If anyone knows if this is the best route, I know that you guys know.

Look forward to seeing what everyone says.

BTW I already have mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor.


Best PC choice for low workload as described above. Listed, Other listing, or DIY

Upgraded Monitor bigger and cheaper than what the combo comes out to
I have good news and bad news so i shall break it down with the bad news first.

Atom and GMA 950

Weak chip + weak integrated video (IGP) = one trick pony
Save your wife the heartbreak of a sluggish rig once her needs change! A socket 754 Sempron (AMD's celeron not even Pentium) back in '04 or the Pentium E is a better chip than an Atom...imagine that!

The good news: For about $10 less

Far better IGP
double HDD
double RAM, with 3 DIMM free for 64 bit Win 7 RC ftw :p
Worlds apart in terms of processing power!



Nov 4, 2008
Okay here at the links for everything you pointed out. Unfortunately the MB/Processor Combo is not available, or I cannot find it base on the product numbers in your screen shot.

So I need another MB and Processor.

I kind of like having to build it better than buy in a box. Does anyone else have any input that will help?

I am open to any options that are cheaper and better of course, looking for value just like everyone else, right?

Samsumg Black 22x DVD - $24.99

HEC Black 0.8mm Steel MicroATX Mini Tower - $59.99

Western Dig. Caviar 320GB, 7200 RPM SATA - $49.99

ACER Black 22" WideScreen LCD - 149.99

Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR2 1066 - 25.99

Total above is 310.95

I am still short MB and Processor.

One things I forgot to mention is the PC must be 32-Bit. I have certain programs that cannot be run on my Vista 64. And I will need an operating system with the purchase. That is one reason why I picked the Windows XP Mini in my Original Post.

Also, I am not too concerned about her needs changing or that original getting outdated. For anything that PC cannot do, my PC can do and would be fine using mine downstairs. I am open to better for cheaper, but I don't see her growing out of this for at least 5 more years. It really is for the most basic tasks.
I think there are good arguments for a pre-built, if size is truly an issue:

My roomate has bought, on two different occasions a recertified office desktop. He gives them to friends and family... they are cheap, often the price of the OS plus just a bit, and upgradeable, and carry some sort of warranty usually. I've seen them in action, and been impressed.
Just a thought - obviously there are disadvantages as well.

I see no real advantage to batuchka's build this time. The PSU in that case is junk, so you end up with a bunch of parts with warranties that might not cover when the PSU goes out.

I would probably go down to Best Buy/Microcenter/Fry's or whatever you have, and get a cheap desktop with a one year warranty. Try to get 2GB and a more robust onboard graphics chip.

Buy locally, from someplace you can bring it back to if there are troubles.

Err i have built with PSUs like those and it will be more than fine for IGP rigs and even mid end discrete but one could easily get a Rosewill mATX like this
default rear 120mm with option for 120mm in front :p
Then a 80+ efficient Earthwatts 380
Just a mere $6-7 top up from my earlier config and again the sheer difference of processing power between an Atom and a K10 x2 cannot be stressed enuff!
If the small size factor is important to you - have you considered a laptop?
Besides being small, its ultra-portable with a wireless modem in the house. And you can get good performance right in your price range.

Right now Dell is having a Memorial Day sale and for $450 you can get: Dell Inspiron 15
C2Duo 2.0Ghz CPU, 3GB RAM, Vista Basic,250GB HDD, 15" screen


Nov 4, 2008
That is something I did think about. Unfortunately my wife and I have only had bead experiences with laptops. And since my Media PC is downstairs and our office is upatairs no need for mobility. I don't think I either of us would be in a position to benefit from a laptop for about 3-5 years.

Great suggestions though. But I think we can get better quality and a better price with a Desktop. And that sale item sounds decent enough. Would have to be 32bit (x86) Vista however,

Any other opinions out there?

Please keep them coming.