[SOLVED] Do high refresh rate IPS monitors have lower contrast?


Dec 31, 2006
When I look at IPS monitor specs that have high refresh rates, the stated contrast rate typically says min 700:1, typical 1000:1. When I look at contrast ratios for lower refresh rate (say 75Hz) monitors, it just says 1000:1. Do you take a hit in contrast with the higher refresh monitors? I'm looking for a QHD 27" monitor that has decent color out of the box but doesn't break the bank. Gaming is secondary for me so I think unless it introduces other consequences, I think a 75Hz monitor would be fine. I have a 10 year old plus 24" IPS monitor (HPZr24W and the color accuracy is terrible unless I calibrate it with my Spyder Pro. I've been giving to understand that new monitors can come with good color out of the box and don't need to b e calibrated? What is important to me is a height adjustable stand. I was looking at some LG's as I like the ones at work and it seems the basic 75Hz IPS 27" QHD monitor doesn't have an adjustable stand and you have to move up to a high refresh gaming monitor to get that feature. It was there I discovered the difference in contrast ratio specs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.