Question Does anyone want my review of the Ryzen 5 3600?

Do you want me to review the Ryzen 5 3600?

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Here's my review of the Ryzen 5 3600.

I've had this CPU installed in my system since Saturday and spoiler alert it has been amazing.

I'm not going to give you guys any benchmark results because well quite frankly I didn't do any better or different than any other reviewer I'll just say AMD is a good high refresh rate option now for gamers. Well over 100 fps in GTAV, Battlefield V, and PUBG as well as ARK. The Ryzen 5 3600 does great in everything and it can even keep up with the 8 core Core i7 9700K pretty well. There is no longer any reason to go for Intel that I can practically think of unless your programs are just not working on AMD. I am a programmer, I develop my own games through Unity as a hobby, and I am a gamer who does the occasional video edit and uploads to youtube. Everything is either the same or better coming from the i5 9400f. I sold the intel chip and switched to AMD. Don't even think about overclocking the 3600 it just won't do it. Or at least mine didn't. I tried 4.2GHz at 1.45v and I got crashes instantly upon running any kind of benchmark or stress test. Stock speed or the precision boost is about the best I can get out of mine but it's really enough quite honestly. I just had an Intel i7 4790K this year and I can tell you this CPU is better on the single core speed by quite a bit and it's very close to being double the processor in terms of overall performance. If you're coming from Haswell I'd say Zen 2 is definitely a great upgrade. Ryzen 7 2700 or 2700x are not really worth it if you're a gamer. Why? You ask? The Ryzen 5 3600 dominates it in gaming performance even with 2 less cores and comes VERY and I mean VERY close to the multicore performance of Ryzen 7 2700x. Between the 3600 and the non x 2700 there is no multicore advantage to the Ryzen 7 2700 unless you overclock. Temperatures on the stock cooler are not great. The heatsink looks to have no copper in it. Upon overclocking it shoots up to 108c and shuts down the system if you overclock any at all on the stock cooler. With precision boost enabled I get 80c max on the stock cooler and 50 to 60c idle. It runs hot but not too terrible. My AM4 retention bracket for my H105 cooler hasn't been ordered yet but I doubt I will use this cooler anyway as the stock speed and precision boost are about the best I can do anyway. This 3600 is more like a lower clocking but still great Core i7 8700K. It torches the i5 9400f. CPU's I've personally tested are the i5 2500k, i5 4690k, i7 4770K, i7 4790k, i5 8600k, i5 9400f, and the R5 3600. The 3600 is the best CPU out of all those. The 8600K might be slightly better at gaming at 5GHz but the 3600 is hugely better in other ways and very close in gaming performance. There's less than 5fps difference in most games at 1080p where the Ryzen does lose. I'm also going to test emulation with yuzu and cemu. I'm going to test Virtual machines as well and I will update this later.

The other reviews online pretty much line up with my experience. Anybody want a test ran? Let me know and I'll run it.
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I guess I'll just do it. I want to. I just wanted to see if people wanted it. But people aren't voting mostly. Over 100 views and only 8 votes. I realize these could be guests hoping to possibly see a review. Or other people just not voting. IDK.