DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION returns after months of stability


Jun 23, 2014
I've just gotten a BSoD a several hours ago whilst playing a game (Warframe if you're curious) and also having a Twitch stream playing in the background in Google Chrome - version 65.0.3325.181 as of checking just now before an auto update. BlueScreenView only points to ntoskrnl.exe causing the crash, which is of course unhelpful (and what it said the first time months ago as well)

The main symptom is exactly identical to the BSoD i had fixed months ago where the system will completely freeze without any warning or prior signs that anything will happen - completely out of nowhere. All sounds will stop and the screen will become frozen as well. After a while the system may unfreeze for a split second then quickly re-freeze and then Blue Screen.

The prior fix was to replace the 'Intel Chipset' driver with the standard 'Windows AHCI' driver in Device Manager which immediately fixed the issue and has done so for many months - until now it seems.

One likely unrelated thing of note has been Google Chrome's recent freezes where the entire browser will freeze and any media players will stop working and turn green for some reason. A part of me suspects that maybe this is loosely related and i'm hoping this is fixed soon since it is also a fairly recent occurrence.

I haven't updated anything recently except for maybe some Windows updates that aren't appearing in update history - last ones were on the 14th. The last program I updated that I can immediately recall is my Corsair LINK software (

I don't want to be re-installing or doing anything that puts my system out of use since I have upcoming work deadlines so I won't be able to try everything until a few weeks time; On that note, my BIOS has never been updated from the 2014 initial release an I know that's a bad idea, but it has been fine and I haven't wanted to mess with it if it was working, but perhaps its time to take a little risk?

As of the time of writing, I've just updated my NVIDIA Driver to the latest available through GeForce Experience.

EDIT: Oh, I should probably actually add my specs.
Win 10 Home 1709 (Build 16299.371)

i7 4770K @ Stock

16GB Vengeance Pro @ 1866MHz XMP

Maximus VII Ranger (BIOS 1104)

MSI GTX 980 with latest driver

111GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120GB
1863GB Western Digital WDC WD2003FZEX-00Z4SA0 (SATA)

Update 2: Some really strange events in the event viewer with random programs/EXEs stopping ejection of a volume several hours before the BSoD... Unrelated? Never seen this before, there's literally hundreds (368!) of these events as well, with only a random event in the middle.

Sound Blaster Recon3D

I know there's no much to go on and this is a recent issue, but i suspect this will not be a one-time thing just like it was not all those months ago. Any ideas, direction, etc. is appreciated!


Can you follow option one here
and then do this step below: Small memory dumps - Have Windows Create a Small Memory Dump (Minidump) on BSOD

that creates a file in c windows/minidump after the next BSOD
copy that file to documents
upload the copy from documents to a cloud server and share the link here and someone with right software to read them will help you fix it :)

Only error type to worry about in Event Viewer are critical errors. everything else can be ignored. A perfectly good system running with no noticeable problems will still have errors in event viewer. 99% of errors in there fix themselves,


Jun 23, 2014

Unfortunately I restarted my computer after leaving it on to see if it would crash again and the minidump file has now vanished, If I crash again, I'll update the thread with the mdmp file.