Question Dramatic Performance Drop After Installing New Ram

Feb 4, 2021
Hi there. About two weeks ago, I purchased a Lenovo Legion 5P gaming laptop. Specs are as follows.
▪OS: Windows 10
▪Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H
▪RAM: 8GB (Samsung, DDR4, 3200MHZ)
▪Storage: 256GB SSD
▪Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB

I am pretty new to computers in the way that this is my first experience with anything other than a 'standard' laptop (for lack of better wording). Therefore, I have been very pleased with it so far as almost everything is smooth and swift.

However, a few games had slight-to-moderate performance issues. Given that most of their required specs were not only met, but exceeded by the laptop's default hardware, I assumed the 8GB single channel RAM was the limiting factor. Some research of others' experiences and advice backed up this assumption. In addition, almost every review of this device that I have seen had the customer recommending purchasing an additional stick of RAM, as running 16GB in a dual channel setup is supposed to increase the performance significantly.

So I found out the exact specs of the inbuilt RAM and proceeded to purchase an identical stick online a few days ago. It arrived today and I subsequently installed it following a video guide. I was very anxious since I'm not great at taking things apart and putting them back together. Despite this, I successfully installed the new stick and booted the laptop back up without issue.

At first, all seemed well. I went to the memory tab of task manager and the new stick had registered. But then I went to one of the aforementioned games that had experienced performance issues to find that it was running even worse than before. A stuttery framerate of 100+ had become an unbearably laggy sub-30. I tried another. Similar story. I tweaked some settings inside of these games and in Geforce Experience, closed and reopened them and fully restarted the laptop a few times. The problem remained.

Understandably disappointed and concerned, I took to the internet once again for a solution. I sadly found surprisingly little and nothing specifically about this issue with this device, though that was expected. I downloaded CPU-Z to check the state of the memory upon the advice of an old forum post. Everything seemed in order. The command rate and channel setup were as they should be and nothing else seemed out of order to my (admittedly inexperienced) eyes.

As a test, I wanted to undo what I had done to see if it made a difference. I reopened the laptop, removed the additional stick of RAM to return it to its factory configuration (8GB in single channel) and tried the games again. Unfortunately, the issues persist.

So my question, to put it broadly, is this: What has happened and what can I do to fix it (with or without the second stick of RAM installed)? Please keep in mind that, once again, I am new to this. As such, even relatively simple suggestions may have escaped me and I shall perhaps require more detail and explanation than a seasoned PC veteran. Regardless, any help at all will be much appreciated. Please let me know if I need to provide further information. Also, I'm not sure if this truly is an issue with the RAM or something else, so I've simply posted this under PC gaming. Please inform me if I should move it to somewhere more appropriate for better relevance or more in depth assistance. Thanks in advance for any support.


Sep 30, 2015
Switch them around in their slots, see if that changes it. surprising that trying to set it back doesn't fix it. And your system is still stable right?

There's the windows diagnostic tool for memory that you can use to check for problems.

Maybe go into BIOS and check the memory? I don't know what you should look for but if something is wrong I reckon BIOS can lead you in the right direction.

To get into the BIOS press f1 (It might be a different f key; i'm not familiar with your laptop.) while your computer is booting. Computers these days boot super fast so if you miss the window of opportunity don't worry just try again.

Once you are there navigate over to "Memory" and see if anything is off. Maybe one is signifigantly slower and bottlenecking the other? But if they are identical that shouldn't happen. If nothing else you can put the original in and factory reset. If that doesn't work something might've been damaged.