Question Driver Power State Failure from ntkrnlmp/ntoskrnl on Shutdown + Audio and Video lag during normal use


May 14, 2020
Hi everyone,

since a few days I have the stated problems with my moms Pc, the problems only come up in combination but not everytime and the it seems very random, it got a bit better after installing a Windows update but its still there. It also happens in safe mode.
I tried various things like a Windows repair with the creation tool, driver verify, cmd to check for errors and installing all the recent drivers and BIOS. I also did a memory test with win 10 and hardware test with OCCT. I googled quite a bit but could't find anything that helped
I'm pretty sure its caused by the AMD chipset drivers but I'm unable to uninstall them so I cant test other versions. I used the Cleanup utility from amd but it is a guaranteed problem cause and I can't restart properly the Pc after using it.

Here is the Minidump:!AhlYdeJbfERTgkfW_i6cNpZ8LvFy?e=KmUdE6

Ryzen 5 3600
16gb DDR4
Msi x570 a pro
gtx 960
500gb m.2 ssd
May 7, 2020
I'm having these same issues. Did either of you ever figure out a fix? I have the ryzen 3800. If I boot up I'll have the mouse / audio lag and the restarting / shutting down will never happen successfully. Always takes 10-5 minutes then goes to driver power state failure, then back to login screen.