Question Dual Ethernet to Speed up HSD Speed on throttled connection? Will it work?

Jul 15, 2019
So here is my issue, to which I cannot find a definite answer that is specific to my situation. I have a limited internet speed (I live at a marina, and the public internet is throttled per device, meaning they have, for example a total of 1000MBps, but only allow each device to pull 10MBps), but I need faster internet, because downloading updates through this public internet is so time consuming. My question is, since my motherboard (Gigabyte Gaming 7 270x) has 2 Ethernet ports, could I use the current connection to the internet, then piggyback a second connection off another device, say my laptop, and use that via Ethernet to my main PC, and get 2x the speed since the public internet has a large bandwidth, but throttles the individual devices? I can't quite figure out how that would work, if it would. I know how to piggyback internet through another PC, but my question is how do I pull data off of both connections at the same time? They would be using the standard Intel Ethernet controller, and the "Killer" Ethernet Control Center. Thanks in advance!
What you are asking is LINKS AGGREGATION with public Internet, and it cannot be done. ISP don't offer it period, finito, end of story.

Can u do updates in the middle of the night? can u download updates spread out multiple days, then only after gotten all pieces then go ahead run it?

Satellite, Cellular Internet maybe options.