Question Dual M.2 question

Jan 2, 2022
Upgraded to 12900k and 980 pro 2TB. I also have a 970 evo plus 1tb. Heard it’s better to separate OS and files/games. Should I install my OS on the 970 evo and install games on the 980 pro? Also which m.2 slot should each drive be install in? The top m.2-1 is a gen 5 and the other 2 slots are gen 4
The separation is good if only so if you have to reinstall the OS or whatnot, your games are not affected. You don't even have to "reinstall" any of them, especially if you're using a game launcher like Steam or EGS.

As far as practical performance is concerned, there's no difference whatever you do.
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Opinions vary.
From a technical point of view, put the 980 pro in the higher spec primary m.2.
In actual usage, you will not be able to detect any differences without a synthetic benchmark.

I would put windows on the 980. Many defaults will go to the C drive so it might be good to have the extra space there.
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