Question Dual monitor setup from a GPU with only one display port

Jun 11, 2019
Oh wise people of the internet, i seek enlightenment

So Im currently trying to build a PC with a dual monitor setup, and as it so happens i found a pretty damn good deal on an RX 570 8GB, the caveat to this is that this particular GPU (Powercolor Red Dragon) was actually a mining edition (brand new btw) so it only has one output which is a display port. I want to use two monitors but only the primary monitor for gaming, and the secondary one to the side for browsing etc. The million dollar question i wanna ask is; Can i play games on the primary monitor by plugging it into the output of my gpu(display port), and use the output on my motherboard(hdmi) for the secondary monitor?

While im at it, what is the minimum recommended specification for a dual monitor setup? Should i invest more money in ram or cpu? Im planning to go 8gb dual channel and the upcoming Ryzen 3 3200g